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June's Workshop

A marketplace of items ready to restore to their previous perfection, or to refurbish and bring a new look to a classic piece

Child's Rocking Chair

Item# P-1

This wooden rocking chair would be great for a young child, not to mention holding all the dolls and toys that come with one! Durable and timeless, this would fit almost any home. 

W-15”x H-24” x D-22”


Pet Travel Crate

Item# P-2

Have you ever brought home the perfect gift for your fur baby? Set it up, brought them over, waited as they approached. Then your dreams are shattered after 15 seconds of sniffing and then complete rejection. I still feel it is the perfect pet pack regardless.

W-24”x H-18” x D-17”


See something you like? Please contact Bob with any questions or for more information - We can't wait to meet you and hear about your ideas!

Phone: 508-641-4887

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